The Complete Ravening Series Bundle

Books 1-3

The Complete Ravening Series bundle includes all three books in the series.

Book 1: Ravenous

The world didn’t end with a bang, and it didn’t go out in a ball of fire. But in some strange way, freezing destroyed the world as we knew it.

When I suddenly find myself surrounded by frozen people who were full of life only moments before, I realize the aliens who came to Earth are nowhere near as benevolent as they claimed. Fleeing the horror they’ve unleashed, I'm almost captured when Cade intervenes to save me.

Once best friends, it’s been years since we had any real interaction, but to survive the hideous monsters hunting us, we’ll have to rely on each other again.

As our situation becomes more perilous, I find myself struggling to come to terms with my past, my terrifying new reality, and my growing love for Cade as we fight to evade the aliens that want more than our lives… they also want our blood.

Book 2: Taken Over

Devastated by the loss of Cade, I will do whatever it takes to exact revenge on the aliens that shredded my life and the lives of my family and friends.

Discovering the secret Dr. Bishop believes my blood holds might be the best way to fight the aliens. To do that, I strike out on a mission with a small group of fellow survivors.

A mission that will uncover more than just the possible answers to my blood but also new, and deadlier creatures looking for only one thing… the destruction of the human race.

Book 3: Reclamation

Desperate to survive the invasion, Cade and I are forced into situations we never imagined possible.

Danger lurks around every corner, and new people enter our lives as we struggle to stay alive. Survival means we must all make a choice… continue to hide or make a stand.

But all choices have consequences, and they lead to roads we never thought we'd travel—roads that may divide us in the end.

Sacrifices will be made, not everyone will survive, and one question drives us all; who will prevail… mankind or the aliens?

Find out how it all ends in the thrilling conclusion to the Ravening series.

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