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The Captive Series


Book 1

Captured, taken from her beloved family and woods, Aria’s biggest fear is not the imminent death facing her, but that she will be chosen as a blood slave for a member of the ruling vampire race.


Book 2

Though she is free of the palace, rescued from her position as a blood slave, Aria is haunted by the memories of her time spent within the fortress, tormented by memories of Braith, the prince that betrayed her and shattered her heart.


Book 3

Determined to find the remaining vampires who stood against his father in the war, Braith knows it’s dangerous to enter the inhospitable land, but that they must if they are to have a chance at gaining allies to help overthrow the king.


Book 4

Faced with their separate challenges, Aria and Braith must come to terms with who they are, what they want, and the likelihood that they can never be together as the inevitable war looms on the horizon.


Book 5

Having left the palace behind to ensure the outer towns are obeying the new laws, Jack struggles to come to terms with the grief and haunting memories that drove him from the palace in the first place.


Book 6

A far larger threat than Kane is looming on the horizon, a threat no one could have seen coming. One that could destroy everything they’ve all sacrificed so much for.


Book 7

When they are attacked on their way back to the palace, Aria realizes she must do whatever is necessary to put an end to the threat looking to destroy all those she loves.


Book 8

In The Captive Series the vampire king that decimated the human and vampire races was introduced, but now it’s time to meet the man that existed before he became a tyrannical king.

The Captive Series Bundle

Books 1-3

Book 1, Captured  |  Book 2, Renegade.  |  Book 3, Refugee.

The Captive Series Bundle

Books 4-6

Book 4, Salvation | Book 5, Redemption | Book 6, Vengeance

The Kindred Series


Book 1

Discovering she was from a line of vampire hunters was never in Cassie’s plans, but she’s learned to deal with the near certainty of a shortened life that fate handed her.


Book 2

After a woman from Devon’s past returns and threatens to destroy their growing bond, Cassie must come to terms with his dark history.


Book 3

Fueled by rage and a thirst for revenge, Cassie no longer recognizes the person she has become. 


Book 4

Cassie has no way of knowing how lethal her time with The Commission made her, or exactly what they did to her while she was in captivity, but the possibilities are terrifying.

Phoenix Rising

Book 5

Reeling from the aftermath of Cassie's death, those left are struggling to survive in a world filled with more enemies than friends.

The Complete Kindred Series Bundle

Books 1-5 

Kindred (Book 1) | Ashes (Book 2) | Kindled (Book 3) | Inferno (Book 4) | Phoenix Rising (Book 5)

The Fire and Ice Series

Frost Burn

Book 1

After years of running, Quinn has finally found a place to settle down while she continues searching for the vampire who tore her life apart.

Arctic Fire

Book 2

For the past six years, Quinn has looked forward to finally having revenge against the vampire who slaughtered her family.

Scorched ice

Book 3

Julian will stop at nothing to keep Quinn safe from the vampires seeking to use her powers.

The Complete Fire and Ice Series Bundle

Books 1-3

Grab the Complete Fire and Ice Series Bundle today and dive into a world of vampires, treachery, and love.

The Survivor Chronicles

The Upheaval

Book 1

The First tremors of the earth were felt at 7:22 EST. Every single person felt the rumbling and experienced the tremors that would forever alter the course of history.

The Divide

Book 2

In less than a day everything they’ve ever known vanished and the world is in chaos. Uncertain where to turn and who to trust in this strange new world, they must band together in an attempt to survive.

The Forsaken

Book 3

As the world continues to change around them, new friendships are forged, answers are found, and lives are lost as the survivors journey deeper into treacherous areas.

The Risen

Book 4

With new challenges and threats arising every day, the survivors struggle to reach their destination in the hopes of finding somewhere safe to stay.

The Survivor Chronicles Complete Series Bundle

Books 1-4

The Complete Survivor Chronicles Series bundle includes all four books in the series.

The Ravening Series


Book 1

The world didn’t end with a bang, and it didn’t go out in a ball of fire. But in some strange way, freezing destroyed the world as we knew it.

Taken Over

Book 2

Devastated by the loss of Cade and struggling to survive in a world I no longer know, I'm determined to exact revenge upon the aliens that have shredded my life, and the lives of my family and friends.


Book 3

As danger seems to lurk around every corner and new people enter our lives, we discover that not everything is what it seems and that sometimes the answers we seek may lie in the last place we ever thought to look.

The Complete Ravening Series Bundle

Books 1-3

The world didn’t end with a bang, and it didn’t go out in a ball of fire. But in some strange way, freezing destroyed the world as we knew it.

The Coven Series


Book 1

Can Avery resist the darkness inside herself to save the people she loves most, or will she succumb to the temptation of Regan’s sinister promises of absolute power?

The Maze

Book 2

Avery believed starting her senior year in a new school was the worst thing she had to face. She’s proven wrong when Regan reappears and forces her and her friends into the dangerous maze he created.

Dream Walker

Book 3

With the coven torn apart, Avery’s determined to unite everyone before Regan makes his next move. She knew reuniting them would be difficult, but she’s not expecting the wall of resistance she encounters at every turn.

The Complete Coven Series Bundle

The Complete Coven Series Bundle

Books 1-3

Avery never dreamed she’d have to leave her dad and friends behind to spend the summer with a mother she barely knows.

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