The Complete Fire and Ice Series Bundle

Books 1-3

Grab the Complete Fire and Ice Series Bundle today and dive into a world of vampires, treachery, and love.

Frost Burn (Book 1)

After years of running, Quinn has finally found a place to settle down while she continues searching for the vampire who tore her life apart.

Unfortunately, her small bit of solace is shattered when a group of vampires walk into her work and turn her world upside down.

Julian never expected to stumble across someone like Quinn.

He knows he shouldn’t get involved with the prickly woman as her mysterious past, and the countless vampires hunting her only spell trouble, but he finds it impossible to stay away. However, it doesn’t take him long to realize the vampires pursuing her are only a small part of a growing evil.

The quiet little town is hiding a violent secret. Can they uncover the evil lurking there, or will it tear Julian and Quinn apart?

Arctic Fire (Book 2)

For the past six years, Quinn has looked forward to finally having revenge against the vampire who slaughtered her family.

She never expected that vampire to walk into Clint’s and unleash terror on her small desert town. With people dying every day, Quinn realizes she must delve deeper into her power if she's going to save her loved ones.

Julian will do anything to keep Quinn safe from the vampire stalking her.

However, as new enemies arise, allies are found, and friends are lost, he realizes he might have to become something he swore he never would again… a monster.

Scorched Ice (Book 3)

Julian will stop at nothing to keep Quinn safe from the vampires seeking to use her powers.

To do so, he sets a plan into motion that will force him to do something he’s avoided for five hundred years.

Willing to do anything to find peace for her and Julian, Quinn agrees to go along with his plan. However, when an old enemy resurfaces, she knows it will take everything she has to keep Julian from going over the edge.

Grab your copy of the conclusion to The Fire and Ice Series and settle in for a thrilling journey.
***The Fire and Ice series is a spinoff of The Kindred Series, but you do not have to read The Kindred Series to enjoy this one. The maturity level of this series will grow with each book and is recommended for readers 17+***

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